Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Saturday (uphill) walk

Yes... uphill.
I talked to a British girl yesterday and she just hit the nail on the head: This city is like a bowl. The city center is totally flat but the surroundings are very hilly. Almost wherever you are downtown, you can always just look up to the side of the city and see a beautiful area of big trees and pretty houses. The longest uphill road in this city is without a doubt the street leading up to the university. You can imagine how "fast" the double bus goes up with a jam packed bus with students.

Anyways, on Saturday, after having English breakfast in the city center, a group of us (my fellow Euromaster students) decided to walk up to a high point in the city to enjoy the nice view. It didn't go so well, even though the weather was in deed nice and the walk was pretty refreshing after a night out the evening before - we were unable to enjoy the view we expected due to enormous trees everywhere. We need to find a better spot next time, it must be somewhere... ;)

The town was packed with people and we soon found out why - there was a rugby game going on. We could hear the loud cheering from the audience "miles" away. Apparently, Bath is pretty good in rugby.
This is the Royal Crescent, one of Bath's main tourist attractions. It's considered among the greatest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in the UK. My student building is actually named after the architect of the Royal Crescent.
 (You see the sign - it says SLOW. Yes, cars actually drive through here. And most of them did not follow the signs so you can guess the madness when all of us were escaping to the sides when cars drove through. UK traffic is pretty bad in general judging from the beginning of my stay here, in London and Bath at least.)


Anonymous said...

Váá ekkert smá fallegt og greinilega margt að skoða og sjá í Bath :)


Anonymous said...

Flottar myndir alltaf hreint. Þetta virðist vera voðalega fínt, hlakka til að koma :)