Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eye of Pængs

I've been super busy lately (hello grad school!) with school and of course hanging out with my boyfriend who I picked up at the bus station at 2 o'clock after midnight on Friday.
We had a lovely Saturday, where he took beautiful photos, some of which you can see on his blog
Eye of Pængs (the photos from Saturday are here). I've got some phone photos from our evening date on Sat coming up, we went to an amazing restaurant and saw a great movie).

This statue is of some swimmer dude, it's situated in one of the main shopping streets, very close to our apartment.

P.s. I'm now on Instagram!! Finally.. all of my friends are on there and I've been catching up. My username is valgerdurbjork if you're interested in seeing more photos from our daily life in Bath :)

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