Monday, October 22, 2012

Cardiff/Wales part1

Since we're only spending one semester in the UK, we want to make the most of it. Use our options to travel whenever we can (when I'm not swamped with schoolwork) and enjoy what this country has to offer. We were curious to know how far we were from Wales since we had never visited the country and found out that the capital city of Wales is only about 1hour15mins away from Bath. So a daytrip to Cardiff it was on a sunny Saturday.

One of my favorite treats - French macarons. This one had coffe flavour, so good but caramel is still the best.
The welsh language was quite amusing.

Cardiff surprised us, it is a lovely city. The city center was very lively on a Saturday and we walked for hours, maybe shopped a little bit (they have Primark..what an exhausting experience shopping there), had lunch and dinner, walked along the harbor and of course enjoyed some sweet treats along the way.

Most of the photos are Eyþór's and there are photos from our day on his blog as well.

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Heiða Rut said...

Lovely! Þarf að fara að smakka svona macarónur, aldrei fundist þær girnilegar en fyrst allir eru að éta þetta þá verð ég að prófa.