Sunday, November 25, 2012

Around Bath

 Love this shot!
 Eyþór and I are going crazy over ambulance/police car siren noises - we hear them from our apartment perhaps 10 times a day...
 Children learning how to make chocolate treats.

Hills hills hills...this is the infamous one I've told everyone at home about - the one leading up to my university.

Just some photos from one of our numerous walks around the city. 
Not much else going on these days.. we're both busy with endless schoolwork but we try to enjoy our last moments here together by going out for long walks or dinner, - drink, - or coffee&cake dates (always cake...I can never JUST have a coffeedrink). Eyþór is leaving in 5 days (!!) to take his Uni-finals and I'll be home in exactly three weeks. 

We had a cosy weekend together which started with a touristy-day in Bath where we went to the Roman Baths and the Christmas market. Photos from that coming up anytime "soon"..

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