Thursday, November 22, 2012

Leaves are falling

This photo is not even a bit photoshopped, the leaves were really this red!
We keep seeing these trees on our morning walks around the city, the roots seem so powerful.
Most streets are covered in leaves! Check out this drive-way..

An ear?

The weather has been so mild and nice the last few days (well except today and yesterday where there has been heavy rain and some floods along with wind - typical Icelandic) and Bath is so beautiful in the fall. Now, since the Christmas Market in the city centre (kind of like the German/Austrian christmas markets) has opened, I would love for some snow. Just a little bit. I really really love cities covered in snow. Vienna is by far the prettiest city I've ever seen in snow (not that I've seen so many when it's snowing there but anyways..) and I hope to get to experience Bath as well covered in snow.

Gjörið svo vel - heilt blogg um VEÐUR - íslenskara verður það varla ;)

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Heiða Rut said...

Ohh ég elska þessa haustliti.. .