Friday, November 9, 2012

Bristol part1

The "Laugavegur" of Bristol according to the Icelandic couple we ran into in the first shop we went into up on our arrival.


We took a day trip to Bristol which is only a 15 minute train ride from Bath. We didn't know anything about the city beforehand but we soon found out that it's kind of a "hipster" city (nothing compare to Reykjavík though, have you seen this website?). Bunch of vintage and thrift stores can be found in Bristol, cool neighbourhoods, lots of graffiti (the story is that Banksy is from Bristol! I've been a fan of him ever since I worked at a kindergarden where one of the teachers brought prints of Banksy's artwork to let the children paint in..).

We ended up just doing our thing; walk walk walk, take photos and eat&drink. We explored different areas of the city, the touristy part, more "artsy" parts and then the harbour area. All very nice. 

I enjoyed a toffee-apple latte (amazing) at one of the most charming coffee houses I've ever been to, it was a vintage shop as well.

All in all - Bristol is a cool city, relatively big on a British scale and Eyþór and I even talked about how we probably would have liked to spend the semester there in stead of the cute, small and charming Bath.. we are just more of a bigger city people.

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Ásdís said...

Vó, við allra fyrstu sýn sá ég Skólavörðustíginn og Hallgrímskirkju á fyrstu myndinni!