Friday, November 30, 2012

During study breaks we.. to walk and observe our surroundings in this beautiful city. Day and evening, Bath gives us nice things to look at and I'm eager to share them with you!

Some of the houses here look so intriguing. So different from everything I've seen before. Would die to be invited into one of them..
Kind of a nice backyard..
This front of a castle is on the driving-range of the main golf course in Bath. The golf course also has a pretty impressive view over the city. 
You can see some golfers there :)



Here are photos from two of our endless walks.
On one of them, we walked up Bathwick hill, almost to the top but decided to check out the castle and well the golf course as well, to take photos to send to my golf-loving dad. During the evening walk, we tried to see the Christmas light switch on in the city centre but apparently the city of Bath provides extensive security during events like this which meant closing of nearby streets after the event had started. So we couldn't see anything but we did see this creature through the front door of an open museum. We came across a snowman in the snow-less Bath and a violinist with an abnormal balance, I couldn't believe my eyes!

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